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Where can I park my skoolie

So you’ve got a bus, ready to convert? Or maybe you’ve finished your build and are ready to hit the road – congratulations!  Now, where do you park this thing?!

This is one of the top questions I see asked on all skoolie community forums – where do I park my bus?  

If you’ve purchased a bus without a place to park, I can imagine you are experiencing a bit of anxiety.  Don’t worry, there may be options for you within your location. 

RV Storage Lots

Search for local RV storage lots, you will have to pay a monthly fee but will have an assured parking spot for your school bus while you figure out your next step.  Some storage lots may even allow you to work on the bus in their lot, just be sure you ask first.

RV Parks (or not)

RV Parks are almost always a no-go for skoolies; year and model restrictions keep us out of their gates.  Don’t sweat it – if there is an RV park in your area give them a call just to be sure. Always ask if you can at least fill up your water and dump your tanks if needed, this may be a useful resource down the road. 

Private property / private land

Whether it is someone else’s or your own if you’re lucky, is the best option for parking and converting your skoolie.

finding parking out on the road

Once you’ve completed your build and are ready to set out on the open road, you’ll always need a place to park to sleep, eat, conduct repairs, and to just relax for a while!  

#1 RULE:  Leave no trace! Always respect the parking space!  The number one reason parking is becoming harder to find is people abusing overnight policies, trashing parking lots, and dumping their waste all over. 
Please help our community by remembering to leave no trace, always respect the parking space!

helpful apps

There are several amazing apps that can help you find parking, camping, water, propane, dump stations, and many other helpful resources on the road!

  1. iOverlander App
  2. FreeRoam App
  3. The Dyrt App
  4. RV Parky App
  5. Google Maps – Satellite Mode

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