Buying a school bus to convert into a tiny home is a big deal! There are so many variables that can make or break your experience. We hope to help make your experience go a little more smoothly by sharing what we learned on our journey.

BUS sales tracker

Buying the bus is the firs step, and it is a big one! Getting a good bus to start with is key, as all of your hard work literally rides on this! A faulty engine, or heavily rusted body can ruin your trip and tank your investment.

Make a decision as to what size, engine, and bus type you want and stick with it! Keep track of active bus listings, your inquiries, and make your life easy with our Buys Buyer’s Spreadsheet.

Download below!
Download .CSV File Here
Download .XLSX File Here

Power Audit and Electric Plans

We learned everything we need to know from the amazing site Explorist.Life – Nate provides amazing wiring diagrams and an amazing power audit worksheet that will help you build your DIY system worry-free!

If we didn’t understand something and couldn’t find an answer on Nate’s site, we always turn to Will Prowse’s YouTube videos. He has great product reviews and explanations of electric and solar systems.