It all started in 2010, in beautiful Oakland, California. Samantha and I met through friends during my senior year at California College of the Arts. We loved the Bay Area, but it was getting too expensive to live there, so when I graduated we packed into the back of my 2000 Toyota Tacoma and drove off into the unknown. We knew we wanted to travel and we knew we wanted to find an affordable and fun new place to live.

We traveled the western United States for eight months, from California, through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Kansas to Iowa CIty – then back to California through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
After all that we had seen, we were in love with Colorado and moved there in 2011, where we would stay for the next 9 years.

During this amazing road trip, we felt so connected to each other, to nature, and to the world around us – I think we knew in our hearts that we would return to this nomadic lifestyle someday, but the Tacoma was just too small. We needed something with a little more room. . .